Active Directory 2008: DNS Round Robin Facts…

DNS Round Robin Facts

Round robin is a local balancing mechanism used by DNS servers to share and distribute network resource loads. To configure DNS round robin, do the following:

  • On the DNS server, edit the server properties   and enable the Enable round robin option on the Advanced tab (this setting is enabled by default).
  • Configure two (or more) servers, each with   a different IP address.
  • On the DNS server, create A records that   map the same DNS name to each of the different   server IP addresses. This allows the DNS   server to respond to clients by sending them   to any one of the machines while leaving   the appearance that a single machine is responding   to all clients.

Note: Round robin is a static method for load balancing. If one of the       servers in the round robin configuration fails, DNS still sends requests to       that failed server.


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