How Do I Register for an Exam?

Exams are scheduled through Prometric and Pearson VUE. The number you call depends on the vendor that offers the exam (i.e. Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, or Cisco). To register for a certification exam, call the number in the table that corresponds to the certification you want to receive.

Certification Provider Web site Phone Number
Microsoft Prometric (800) 755-3926
CompTIA A+ Prometric
Pearson VUE
(800) 77-MICRO (64276)
(877) 551-PLUS (7587)
CompTIA Network+ Prometric
Pearson VUE
(888) 895-6116
(877) 551-PLUS (7587)
CompTIA Security+ Prometric
Pearson VUE
(800) 977-EXAM (3926)
(877) 551-PLUS (7587)
Novell Prometric
Pearson VUE
(800) RED-EXAM (733-3926)
(800) TEST-CNE (837-8263)
Cisco Pearson VUE (877) 404-EXAM (3926)

Inform the customer service representative that you need to register for an exam, and then supply the exam name and/or number. The customer service representative will ask you for the following information when you register:

  • ID      number (This is usually your Social Security Number.)
  • Mailing      address and telephone number
  • E-mail      address
  • Organization      or company name
  • Method      of payment (credit card number or check). Payment must be made in advance.      Certification exam prices are subject to change and depend on the specific      exam you are taking. Please contact your local testing center for exact      pricing.

Other important registration and cancellation information:

  • At the testing center, you must accept the terms of a non-disclosure agreement before you take your certification exam. You must also complete      a brief demographic survey.
  • You      can schedule exams up to six weeks in advance or just one working day      before the exam date. Be aware that the testing centers may be busy, so it      is best to call for scheduling a few days before you want to take an exam.      Same-day registration may be possible in some locations, if space is      available. You must register at least 30 minutes before test time.
  • You      can cancel or reschedule your exam, but you must contact the testing      vendor at least one working day before the exam.
  • If      you cancel, the exam must be taken within one year of payment. You may      receive a full refund at any time after registration and before taking an      exam. No refunds are given after you have taken an exam.

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